About Futures

Welcome to the CBA Legal Futures Initiative, the first comprehensive study of its kind in Canada.

As part of our multi-phase project, we have conducted extensive research and analysis to understand the current legal environment in order to identify and understand what’s driving changes in the legal marketplace.

Our next step is to hear back from the profession broadly on a series of important questions to collect its perspectives and ideas. Those ideas will then help stimulate what we hope will be a no-holds-barred discussion amongst our teams of experts who are working on areas that are potential gamechangers for the profession – business structures and innovation, ethics and regulatory environment, and education and training.

The Futures Initiative understands that access to justice is an integral concern for the future of the legal profession. The CBA’s Futures Initiative is concurrent to, and overlapping with, the CBA’s Envisioning Equal Justice Initiative, a project that is examining the legal and integrated needs of low-income and middle-class communities in Canada. While the two initiatives look at serving clients from complementary perspectives, both challenge us to envision new ways of delivering legal services in the future.

The Canadian Bar Association, the national voice of more than 37,000 lawyers, will build a common understanding of the potential impact of what’s happening to the market for legal services, and the best strategies and responses for individual lawyers, law firms and legal organizations to adopt.

We promise to be highly consultative, and that there will be no sacred cows.

This is about the CBA leading a response to change so that Canadian lawyers remain relevant and confident, and ready to deliver the service that clients want and need in a changed legal marketplace.