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Innovation and the Legal Profession

The CBA Future’s Initiative is hosting a twitter chat this Tuesday at 7pm ET to discuss the concept of ‘Innovation’ in the legal profession, where it is and isn’t happening, what’s driving it and what’s impeding it.

Legal Futures Initiative Voices | November 4, 2013 | Comments

What do we really mean, when we talk about diversity?

The issue of diversity – or the lack of it – extends across most spheres but studies have shown the legal profession to be a particularly noted offender; Dr. Arin Reeves, speaking at the 2013 CBA Legal Conference in Saskatoon this summer said this is the case no matter the country.

New Voices - Des nouvelles voix | October 31, 2013 | Comments

Drivers of diversity in the legal profession

It is common knowledge now that the legal profession in Canada is not reflective of the diversity of our population. Studies done in British Columbia, Toronto, Ontario, and Canada as a whole have all found a lack of diversity. What is causing this imbalance, and how can we change it?

New Voices - Des nouvelles voix | October 25, 2013 | Comments


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The Issues

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The CBA draws out the themes from the background papers and identifies the overarching trends and issues that the legal profession will likely face in the future marketplace.

Ethics and Regulatory Issues

Does our regulatory framework need to change as more non-legal professionals enter the industry? What values and services remain innate to the legal profession as new business structures are adopted?

Education and Training

Students aren’t being taught practical skills; clients are less willing to underwrite the training of new associates. Whose job is it to teach and train, and what’s the best curriculum?

Business Structures and Innovation

No more partners? Non-legal management? Public ownership? All are up for discussion as the team studies what business models will best position the legal profession for success.